The config.json file is where the configs of the tests are defined.

These are the accepted config keys, and whether they are required or not:

  • Url: The URL that will run the tests. Required

  • Browser: Browser that will be used to run the tests. (Firefox or Chrome) Required

  • Environment: Environment used to run the tests. Required

  • User: User that will be logged into the environment. Required

  • Password: Password to log on to the environment. Required

  • Language: Language to be considered in execution.

  • DebugLog: Defines whether the run log will be displayed during tests.

  • TimeOut: Time set to expire the test if it is reached.

  • SkipEnvironment Skips the module selection screen, if your Protheus configuration does not have it.

  • Headless: Defines whether the test will run with or without interface.

  • ScreenshotFolder: A folder to contain all screenshots taken by the user with the Screenshot method.